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Portrait Painting online live course

Portrait Painting online live course

₹7,000.00 Regular Price
₹5,699.99Sale Price

Explore Oil Painting with me on online one to one sessions.


Painting a face can be daunting. If you could get a head start into portrait painting, exploring art becomes even more rewarding.

In this course, I'll guide you on how you can improve your portrait paintings.


This is for you if you:

- want to learn portrait painting.

- are beginner painter or been painting for a while


What you'll be learning in this course:

- Painting material required

- How to get proportions of a face right

- How to make skin colors

- How to mix paints to get the right hue and value

- Underpainting

- Choosing right background

- How to go about layers in your painting

- Good practices to follow while painting

- What to do after you've finished your painting

- Any sort of question you might have related to painting


The sessions will be held on weeknd and holidays.

We'll be having 1 to 1.5 hrs sessions till you've successfully finished 1 (or more) amazing painting which might take around 6-8 weeks.

Though I've set some rules but they are pretty much flexible as helping you is priority.

I hope to make your learning process more joyful.

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