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I'm Abhishek Harsh, a self-taught artist who loves to make art and talk about art. Painting was very difficult when I started but after finishing a few paintings, I've come across a system which I use while painting and makes me love the painting process even more and I wish to teach you the same. I offer a few courses on painting on this platform. I enjoy helping people with their painting and seeing them becoming confident with their art.

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My Story

I'm an artist. I started painting in 2020 and found myself enjoying the process and the learning. In all the paintings I've finished, I've experienced many setbacks and success and one thing I've enjoyed the most is the learning. 

Though I was always good at drawing from very young age, I never tried painting and a few times when I tried painting, it was an utter failure. What I thought I would paint and what I actually painted were totally opposite. 

But in 2020, I tried again and in a very short time I was able to paint something that didn't look that bad. I was astonished that how doing a few things a certain way changed the whole game. You can find my very first oil painting on my first post of instagram, it is a painting of Guru Nanak ji.

I first tried my hands on painting with watercolors. I painted 7 or 8 watercolor paintings but when I saw paintings with oil colors, I got hooked and have been using oil paints since. It is just wonderful to me how each and every person can have his own style of painting and expression.

I've heard many people saying that painting is a talent that only a few have which is why they never paint. But I feel that if one can eliminate a few barriers then he/she is free to explore his/her creativity. I'm enjoying the process of helping people with painting and seeing them becoming confident with their art.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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