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Oil Painting for beginners live course

Oil Painting for beginners live course

₹7,000.00 Regular Price
₹5,699.99Sale Price

Explore Oil Painting with me on online one to one sessions.

By the end of course you'd have made 1 painting.


Learning painting can be full of obstacles and confusion. But if you cross the initial barriers with ease, then you become free to explore your creativity and not be bothered so much with how's. I'll guide you through the smallest of things like which canvas or brush to pick to some relatively difficult stuff like how to paint portraits. (However, if you want to learn portrait painting specifically then I would recommend you to purchase the portrait specific product on this website)


This is for you if you:

- are beginner painter and feeling stuck

- want to start a new hobby

- want to learn portrait painting.


What you'll be learning in this course:

- Painting material required

- Preparing your canvas

- Preparing your color palette

- How to mix paints to get the right hue and value

- Getting the proportions right

- Underpainting

- How to go about layers in your painting

- Good practices to follow while painting

- What to do after you've finished your painting

- Any sort of question you might have related to painting


The sessions will be held on weeknd and holidays.

We'll be having 1 to 1.5 hrs sessions till you've successfully finished 1 (or more) amazing painting which might take around 6-8 weeks.

Though I've set some rules but they are pretty much flexible as helping you is priority.

I faced a lot of obstacles while getting started and I believe you don't have to go through all those.

I hope to make your learning process more joyful.

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